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Welcome to Piazza Panini

Perfect Blend | Cafe · Bakery · Crêperie


At Piazza Panini, we are inspired by the very streets that are the lifeblood of the Italian social scene. We are devoted to the passion and quality of Italy – where great food surrounds you and requires no reservations. 

Our menu is inspired by real food the way our nonna always made it…with love and welcoming to all. 

Our Italian pride is on display by respecting tradition and by using authentic traditional ingredients. 

Piazza Panini is the Italian food that Italians talk about. 

Our kitchen is open...smell the food, watch the cooks, have a bite with friends and share in our love for food!

Burrito Burrito - That Was Awesome!burritoburrito.caBurrito Burrito - That Was Awesome!

We welcome you, your family and friends to come in and pick a new personal favourite from our menu.

Visit us in-store to see what we're serving up fresh just for you!

Our Menu

Blackbird | Darling Harbour Dessert Menu

Blackbird | Darling Harbour Dessert Menu

Piazza Panini’s menu has been designed with some good old-fashioned favourites & some innovative delights to ensure we can satisfy your most discerning craving.

Our authentic Italian entrees can be served at your home or establishment. 

Piazza Panini is here to help you turn your event into a memorable occasion, whether it's a luncheon at the office, theme party, birthday, graduation, wedding or shower.

Perfect Blend | Cafe · Bakery · Crêperie



Piazza Panini's Catering Department will work with you to help you choose your menu for your function.

Select from a variety of our delicious catering menu items and decide to pick up or have us deliver your order to your event.

Employment - burritoburrito.caburritoburrito.caEmployment - burritoburrito.ca

Join the Team!

You’ve got the enthusiasm and drive.

We’ve got flexible schedules and jobs that can turn into satisfying careers. 

 Contact us at piazzapanini@gmail.com to find out about the exciting opportunities currently available with Piazza Panini.

Perfect Blend | Cafe · Bakery · Crêperie


Employment Opportunities

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11:00am - 8:00pm

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Perfect Blend | Cafe · Bakery · Crêperie


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